I would like to know what applications (if any) that you use to help you practice?  I don’t have too many but did want to share and also find out some that you use too.  So, here is what is on my list:

-I do recommend Clinically Relevant Technologies applications.   The CORE Exam application provides data (specificity, sensitivity, etc) on special tests.  I also enjoy turning back to Dr. Rhon’s manual therapy techniques for the spine, LE and UE.  You can read a post I wrote in the past here

-BMI calculator.  Converting into metric system is just too hard.  Makes it easy to calculate BMI so I can use it can be a jumpstart to talk more into nutrition, physical activity, etc. but also fulfill PQRI requirements

EIM PT Mobile.  A pretty good push service for various journals that I am interested in.  

Papers.  A very thorough organizing tool that I use for digital copies of journal articles.  I find it very useful mainly due to its search engine and ability to write notes.  Honestly, I still use Dropbox more often even though I had to pay for Papers!  Maybe I am just still too new to it. 

iSpineCare.  An excellent education tool for patients!  I use the 3D pictures/videos predominantly to show pathology (such as disc herniations, DJD, stenosis, etc) but also does an great job at demonstrating anatomical detail for muscles.  I plan to write a longer post on this application in the near future.  

-Wordpress.  So I can write quick blog posts and also check on comments/stats.  

I am more interested in what you use, especially if you have any good anatomy applications for pictures (such as Netters). There are many out there but I am more interested in what I would use in daily physical therapy practice.  I would love your feedback!


  1. “3D4 medical’s muscle pro III” is a little spendy, but is a great program.
    “Jump” is also a good remote desktop program. We use our EMR on a server, so jump is handy.

    1. Thanks Mark! I do have the skeleton 3D4 app (it was free!) but tough to put out the money for some of these muscle apps.

  2. Hello, I wanted to let you know about a new app for the iPad called Rehab TherX -Exercises on the go which I have developed. Therapists can now provide their patients with a thorough and personalized exercise program on the go. RTx has a comprehensive list of exercises that therapists can choose from as well a pre-set routines which makes it quicker and easier to provide an HEP. Programs can be emailed to the patient/client and they can view it as a PDF on their smartphones or tablets so that they always have their exercises wherever and whenever!

    Check out our website at http://www.rehabtherx.com for more info.


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