This is a continuation of a past post linked here on proximal tibio-fibular joint (PTFJ) showing one technique that I use.  Sorry about the foot not being shown in the video but it was the tibia was in slight external rotation. Enjoy.

As always, will enjoy your feedback, comments and ideas for manual treatment of this joint.


  1. I am totally with you on the PTFJ and it’s been a little favourite of mine recently, in some of the the conditions you mentioned in the last post but also with a couple of strange lateral calf/peroneal n/sural n issues in runners. Haven’t tried a thrust per se, more low graded mobilisations.

    Have also noticed it creeping into my anterior knee pain treatments (as well as Tib ant STM). Whether its a fascial restriction or just a neurophysiological effect, it seems to be working nicely. Any other theories on why it may help?

    (Sydney Physio)

    1. Jack,
      I feel pain could creep into other areas as the condition becomes chronic. I feel by that point, you may have more to address than just PTFJ as it is a bigger problem. From a biomechanical standpoint, many individuals lack DF and considering small amount of movement (less than 5mm I believe..) occurs at PTFJ with DF as the fibula glides, it could be causing the DF restriction and therefore, lead to more kinetic chain deficits. I am more based on biomechanical and neurophysiological effects rather than fascial restrictions but let me know what you think about the fascia component.

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