If you have had the chance to look at any prior posts, you will see that I am “out of the old and into the new” and all about the future of physical therapy.  In this post, I am speaking particularly of technology and how it help us as clinicians and educators.

I have had the opportunity the review Clinically Relevant Techologies’ newest suite of apps on my iPod Touch.  The Mobile OMT (Orthopaedic Manual Therapy) suite consists of three total apps, two for the appendicular skeleton (upper and lower extremity) and one for the spine.

The purpose of the application is to provide manual therapy techniques in instructional and video form, as well as the appropriate EBP that is available for each region of the body.

To be honest, this is by far the most comprehensive & elaborate application for the orthopaedic manual therapist that I have come across.

CRT has created a resource with commanding knowledge of not only a vast array of evidence-based practice, but more importantly, information that is very relevant to the everyday, practicing clinician.

I like that it is very straightforward and goes directly to treating.  This is how we get results and make a name for ourselves, but unfortunately, there is a lack of this information available.

It can be considered the pocket “Wal-Mart” for the orthopedic manual therapist.

A great review in a press release can be found here, so I will not go into all details of the app.  But generally through all 3 applications, these are my top reasons why this application will be helpful to me as a clinician.

Top 3 reasons to download:

1.  Evidenced-Based Practice

-I do feel these guys have provided a very thorough literature review with all of their techniques.  Even though EBP can lag behind manual therapy in some regards, they have provided the most up-to-date information possible.  Hyperlinks to the PubMed abstract takes you directly to the original article that can be reviewed at the present time or e-mailed to yourself or a colleague.

-You cannot take away the opportunity to have new evidence.  Newer versions of the OMT app can become available as new evidence reaches the surface and become available.  This is huge if you are a clinical instructor to stay on top of your students.

2.  Easily navigated and organized.

-Even if you are not computer savvy (which, most of you probably are if you are reading this), you can negotiate the app very quickly.  Even though it is full of information, it is well organized and not overwhelming to read.  The various text fonts and sizes help in finding what you want when you want.

3.   Videos and videos.

-This app provides video instructions for all the techniques.  Dictation courses along with the presenter in high quality video feed that is easy to follow and even replicate.  Various camera angles are even shown for more complex techniques. Reading techniques and following instructions in a book is one thing, but seeing it is another.  If you have not had the opportunity to learn from a mentor, then this can be a very good start.

Top 3 reasons not to download:

1.  Type of clinician

-Even though there are a few stretch techniques, most of the manual techniques involve mobilizations and/or manipulations.  If this isn’t your cup of tea, then probably not worth your money.

2.  Not entirely comprehensive.

-If you are a new grad and looking to only use this application to get by with proper manual techniques, then probably not the best.  I would go spend my money on a book or course that is more detailed.  There is no contraindication section, which is highly important in choosing the right technique. However, I feel it is a very good supplement that can be used easily in the clinical environment.

3.  Do I have to have this?

-The simple answer is no.  But, if you are in the market to purchase a new manual therapy textbook that is mobilization/manipulation-based, then I would challenge you to download one of the applications.  If you like it, get them all.  I bet this will change how you access information and educate not only yourself, but students and colleagues.  Who knows what the future will hold for applications…

If you are interested in the app, go either to the Clinically Relevant Technology website at www.clinicallyrelevant.com or download through iTunes at $29.99 for each.

Have you found any other applications worth mentioning?  Or, have you tried some and were disappointed?  What are your thoughts about the OMT App Suite or any of their other products?


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