The 2nd part of this series is devoted to the manual approach to C1-2 dysfunction.  This list could go on and on for what clinicians perform to treat this, but I do prefer the C1-2 Rotatory HVLAT chin-hold technique.   Just be mindful that I did not show the pre-manipulation examination.  The following is an informal disclosure of how I perform the technique.

As noted in the video, you should see around a 10 degree, or even up to a 20 degree, improvement in FRT after this approach.  This not only allows for greater cervical ROM but you should see a significant decrease in pain and tissue texture of upper cervical spine musculature.  I like this technique as it is quick, effective, sub-painful (have you ever had mobilizations to a painful upper cervical spine) and basically gets results. Stay tuned for the next series to see therapeutic exercises that relate to C1-2 dysfunction.

What techniques do you use?  Do you prefer mobilizations, MWM, METs, releases, etc.?  I would like to hear about other techniques as some individuals aren’t appropriate for the above approach.


    1. Carl,
      No, these are techniques that I learned through my mentor and also through additional training. Some entry-level programs do teach it though.

  1. I realize this is 8 years later, but do you have any videos for mobilizations to the C1-C2 joint instead? I’m more hesitant on my HV skills but I do find so many of my patients benefit from my current use of manual to the AA joint. Thanks!

    1. Mallory,
      Sorry, I don’t have any videos for it. I suggest to start…put on the levers as if you would manipulate but do not thrust…simply use combined lever mobilization to the same area. I hope this helps.

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