Does appearance matter in your clinic?

I’m speaking more from the actual appearance of your clinic interiorly, rather than personal factors such as friendliness, dress, personal grooming, positive attitude, etc.  The latter are very important as they define individuality but we will focus on just the clinic in this post.

I’m sure you have a quick opinion about a certain hotel as soon as you walk in the room, or the arraingement of a store or notice the cleanliness of a medical office upon first arriving.  This shouldn’t make a huge difference in how we perceive experience at a location but in all reality, we all know its true.

Does a great first impression concerning appearance make a difference in physical therapy?  Does it indirectly define quality?

How appealing is the clinic to our patients?

Some factors I’ve thought of:

Is your evaluation in a private treatment room or on table with curtain drapped around it?

Do you have equipment tossed everywhere in cluttered manner and not put away between patients?

Are unused equipment stored neatly?

Is there a radio in the corner of the room that is either too loud when close to it or can’t hear it from far away?

Or is it just plain messy and uninviting to the public?

This doesn’t mean we need glamorous fish tanks, marble granite tops or 52″ plasma TVs.  Our profession isn’t a gold mine.

Look around.  See what could be improved.  Our service should not only yield great results, but shouldn’t the appearance be inviting?


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